General Nutrition

It has long been said that "We Are What WE Eat". We now know this to be absolutely true. Many of todays most deadly diseases can be directly linked to poor nurition generally and serious defficencies in many essential nutrients.The situation is being aggravated as our  soils are being rapidly depleted of many of these nutrients.

Many of our packaged/manufactured foods are notorious for being nutritionally empty; loaded with sugars, carbohydates and starches.

It is well known that most individuals require  50-60 of meat and fish protein daily. Intakes beyond that level are not only expensive but they themselves can be converted to sugars and starches. Few, if any people have adeqaute intakes of the healthy nutrients that are found predominatelly in vegetables.

Testing has clearly established that deficiencies, especially of Vitamin D, Omega 3, Fatty Acids, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous are directly related to a huge and growing number of diseases. We urge you read all you can on this subject

The writer very much believes that every person, at the very least, should take a good quality Multi-Vitamin with adequate minerals.

I myself was shocked to learn that my own Vitamin D levels were dangerously low,even though I thought my diet was healthy.

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