Free Delivery


Janeway PharmaChoice acknowledges that we live in a busy world and sometimes it is hard to get all our errands done.  We try to help by offering a Free Delivery Service.

You've always been used to receiving free prescription delivery.  It's a service that we've been glad to provide.  Why not get all of your Pharmacy needs delivered?  We drive by most houses every day. Why not take full advantage of this service?

We will deliver everything free with prescriptions. Without prescriptions, we offer free delivery of orders over a total value of $30.00. Other orders attract a $5.00 minimum delivery charge.

Someone must be present to receive the order.  Deliveries will be made next business day. Immediately, in real emergencies.

Many of our customers are either shut-ins or without transportation.  We are delighted to help keep them where they wish to be. AT HOME.

So give us a call or order today!