Our Staff

Heather McCoy


Heather has a rich educational background, with a degree from the University of Waterloo in Heath Studies, and a BSc in Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan. She has lived in Massey for most of her life and enjoys fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and raising her sons, Nathan and Kyle.

When it comes to her work at Janeway PharmaChoice, her goal is to build close relationships with her cllents and customers; in an effort to better understand their health care needs.

Should you have any personal concerns about your family's or your own health, please don't hesitate  to ask to speak to Heather privately.

Ted Clague

Delivery Manager/Driver

Ted, a long tome resident of Spanish, is responsible for our delivery service. Ted knows the Township of the Spanish River , Sagamok, Spanish and Cutler intimately. Ted gets through for you every day. He leaves the store around 2.00 PM daily. If you can't get out Ted will get to you.

When you see the blue car you know that Ted is there.

We're delighted that Ted was recently elected as Mayor of Spanish. Good Show Teddy.


Courtney Leclair

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Courtney has been at Janeway PharmaChoice since 2008. Courtney has recently graduated from Sheridan College as a certified Pharmacy Technicican. Congratulatios Courtney. 

Currently, Courtney is primarily resposnisble for operating our Medication Managtement Program (blister packs).This is a vital program  for our customers who need help with keeping track of medication doses. This is a no cost program, valued by many of our customers.

Anita Southwind

Dispensary Assistant

Anita is not seen a lot by our customers. She is busy filling prescriptioms, counting, weighing etc under Heather's direction. Anita is a member of Sagamok Anishnawbek and her knowledge of that community is a tremendous asset to us. Anita is a big part of how we try to provide quality service to Sagamok.

Tammy Goddard

Front Store Manager

Tammy has been with us since 2012 and has proven to be a tremendously valuable memeber of our staff. Today, is primarily responsible for the smooth operation of the Front Store and Product Selection/Merchandising. If there is something you would like to see on our shelves, Tammy is the person to speak to. We're proud of the way our store looks and in no small way that is Tammy's doing.

Kerry Houle

Dispensary Assistant

After a short absence, we are delighted that Kerry has decided to return as a valued member of our staff. Kerry is responsible fpr the Operation and Maintenance of our Prescriptpion Management System. It's great your back Kerry.
Noone would guess but Kerry is the daughter of Flo Pennel. Flo was with us for many years. untill her retirement. Flo was Gail's best friend.

Kim Lecalir

POS Operator/Front Store/Photo Department

Kim does a very great job looking after the cash and helping customers in the front store. She's well trained in the photo department and can help you out anytime you need it.

We are very happy to have Kim as part of our Pharmacy Team.

Dave Stonely

Delivery Driver

We are happy to have Dave on our staff as a part time delivery driver for our free delivery service from the store. 

Jennifer Scully

Dispensary Asistant

Trevor McCoy

Photo/IT Manager/Front Store/Delivery

Trevor is the Manager of our NorOnt Photo (our photo department)

Trev is resonsible for the development of our   website

It has been said that Trevor produces the best photo's in Northern Ontario. They were right. We have the best equipment and the best manager.